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#freethearts [bit belated but we were on the #nullarbor at the time ;)

#freethearts [bit belated but we were on the #nullarbor at the time ;)

An indigenous artist, a regional artist and a permanent resident artist took a trip across the nullarbor... While we were out of mobile range there was a protest against Brandis' decision to reclaim $105million from the Australia Council.

This decision will just cause more in-fighting as indies/SMEs battle for (already shrinking) financial support against the protected 'high arts' bigwigs. It'll also make sure activist and social change arts (ie anything that goes against govt propaganda) won't have any chance of funding at all.

The Arts need to be free to reflect and challenge ideas of society and control. If we let Brandis become the curator of the Arts, all that is gone (not to mention an incredible waste of resources by duplicating administration).

Just coz we couldn't join the noise on the day doesn't mean we didn't care, so we painted the hashtag on and grabbed a shot.

*photo by Josh Barry