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#frontierwars storytelling camp @PeacebusDOTcom @TentEmbassy2015

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Canberra is gleaming in deliciously warm sunlight today, after several days/nights of bitter cold (so lots of fireside time, which ain't half bad :).

It's hard to know what to share from the talks and films so far, but the fact i'm knitting rather than tweeting probably says something in itself.

Stumbled on the below First Dog On The Moon​ strip from last year, and after watching a film from last year am wondering if our march on Sunday will be welcomed in this time around.

I know the weather is pretty awful (especially NSW, stay safe guys) but for anyone who can, come and join us at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy​ for the talks/films this week, the vigil (24th) and the march (25th):

First Dog on the Moon on ... remembering the fallen - cartoon