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#keepitintheground letter to @TurnbullMalcolm - stop blocking global climate deal

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photo of coal-man marionette

Dear Prime Minister Turnbull,

I thought you had a soul, certainly at least more humanity than Abbott, and yet here you are spouting the same rhetoric and taking actions which will cause the same harm. But then of course you would - you're a marionette, with the mining companies pulling your strings. 

Is this the person you thought you'd be when you grew up? Is it?

I would assume you started life in a well off family as an innocent, playful, open minded, fun loving child, like all children do (assuming they're not escaping wars that the west has paid for, or are locked up in a prison watching their parents and friends suffer immense brutality and dehumanisation under our hands). 

So what awful tragedy happened in your life that you went from childhood innocence and love to a grown-up who willingly and actively bows to rich bullies? 

That's all these people (the mining, media and global corporation magnates) are, they're just bullies. Please, get help. Get a psychologist to help you deal with your own trauma and give you some lessons in how to deal with bullies. You need to dig deep, yes, but in to your own heart, your own humanity, not into the ground.

The world is not our playground to be toyed with. We do not control it. If we are lucky, and if it is not too late, we just might be able to salvage a way to live in harmony with it. But we have to start now. And we have to stop digging every last element from the earth and seas.  

We, your citizens, expect more from you than this. The world expects more from Australia than this. 

Please, just .

With love and compassion, fee


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