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#niinamarni - reallybigroadtrip says hello to [ab]Original communities across SA, APY Lands and WA #sosblakaustralia #LifestyleChoice

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I'm about to head off on a pretty epic roadtrip from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy​ in Canberra through South Australian [ab]Original communities in The Coorong and APY Lands, through the centre and across to WA.

I'll be travelling with Uncle Chris Tomlins​ who is on his own mission of Unity and Healing across Country while I explore creative digital culture offerings within the communities we travel through. All this is part of the Niinamarni project I've been quietly developing which is supported by Country Arts SA​.

I won't be sharing everything publicly but if you're interested in hearing more about it or offering help (networks, etc) then please let me know. We leave on Monday and will be passing through Adelaide around 15th May if you'd like to meet Uncle Chris.