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In 2011 Fee gave up her increasingly respectable career as a creative digital consultant in order to take up a new life as a bus-loving nomadic geek artist. In a reaction against the shift in global politics, she set out to discover how someone could disconnect as much as possible from a broken socio political system while maintaining meaningful connection to the people and places which enable her own vision of home and self.

Her work explores the increasing removal of ‘the commons’ in contemporary life, from common land and open democracy through to open source creative digital commons, and the tensions which exist between them.

This is a space for my personal ramblings, to begin taking myself out of the anti-netneutrality world. Known lets you publish status updates (etc etc) which are then pushed to Facebook, Twitter, etc. This means you own your content rather than giving rights away to walled gardens that are more interested in your data than providing the service you originally signed up for. Check out more at | @feesable |


Inaugural #VillageGreens veggie stall at Aldinga Arts Eco Village #permaculture #aldingaartsecovillage

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Ellie, Lucy and Nat launch Village Greens at Aldinga Eco Village

Yesterday Lucy, Nat and Ellie launched their Village Greens veggie stall at Aldinga Arts Eco Village (where and I are now based). I've been doing some WWOOFing by way of exchange and was delighted to have helped with the harvest and preparation for this delicious event.

For more photos from the day visit this flickr set, or to find out more about Village Greens head to



Happy 2nd Birthday (with me) #homeJames. How far we have come together!

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On 12/12/12 I transferred legal ownership of into my name. I'd already bought her and started work on the respray, but dates are fun... especially rare combinations like that. 

When I got her she had 936k on the clock and had never left Adelaide/Hills area. She now reads 962k and has been around SA, NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC and has now begun adventures in WA too. 

I lived in an empty shell with a swag in the back and no lx for about 5months, gradually turning her in to the beautiful home she now is (with a whole heap of smarter people than I!). I've done two mechanics courses and learned more about life, the universe and everything. There's so much more to do, and so very many more places to explore, but I think we're doing OK.

Happy Bday to my best friend!


driving the #nullarbor i can't help but think of the traditional owners of this land and what it was like for them before us. awed.

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I wanted know which Aboriginal Countries I have been traveling on* during this drive from Adelaide to Perth, so I went to look at my HEMA Australian Road Atlas. It's not there; there's no map of Aboriginal lands at all. I think there should be, but that's something I'll be suggesting elsewhere. For now I have used an ABC map** to make a cursory list.

Countries I have driven through so far (on this trip) - Kaurna; Nukunu; Banggaria; Nawu; Wirangu; Mirning; Ngatjumay.

Countries I will be driving through (to get to Perth) - Malpa; Nyaki-Nyaki; Balardung; Wajuk.

I have visited other Aboriginal countries, of course, and there will certainly be others after this, but for now, this needs to be said: 

homeJames and I pay our respects to the traditional owners of these lands and to their Elders past and present. We feel their energies present in the landscapes we pass through and imagine the lives they would have led, free to roam, before colonisation. We thank them for the care they have given, to this land and each other, and we stand by them in solidarity as they rightfully fight for recognition, respect and a future to call their own. 


*Since I first came up with reallybigroadtrip I've wanted to make a scrolling 'bus destinations' readout that's linked to a GPS tracker so I'll be alerted which Aboriginal country and I are currently visiting. I have been told that the borders aren't quite as 'set in stone' as GPS requires, although fuzzy borders could be programmed. But more importantly, is it my right to make such a thing, even if just for my own use? If you're going to explore someone else's culture, surely you wait to be asked rather than decide to claim such a concept. Maybe one day I'll be invited to do this, we'll see. 

**map source: