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Wonder if those against arts funding feel same about $1000s spent on pretty explosions in the sky. same thing, really: spectacle, shared experience, aesthetics, context. so why does one merit grumbles & t'other 'ooo's n 'aaaah's?


just updated my @Rhizome profile. should really archive the-phone-book Limited projs, but hey... to the future!


seem to have invented a new game. it's called 'thwack flies out the bus using a frisbee'. could do with a catchier title...


new ranty/political post "on humanness" and society's need for basic human rights -


Swam in the ocean! Finally. Not the first time, but the first time in years. Fuck. Yes. Let that mark the end of such stupid fear.


help @erikajoy and I find a fabulous new home for this sad lil *sob* unwanted crowdfunding reward!


delightful article by @becbrewin based on our chats as passed through Kalgoorlie. thanks bec!


I missed the initial 'master'/am still pursuing my own 'master work', but yeah, 'journeyman' sounds about right!


SCIENCE says poor people are stronger/more generous than rich people. so ner.