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In 2011 Fee gave up her increasingly respectable career as a creative digital consultant in order to take up a new life as a bus-loving nomadic geek artist. In a reaction against the shift in global politics, she set out to discover how someone could disconnect as much as possible from a broken socio political system while maintaining meaningful connection to the people and places which enable her own vision of home and self.

Her work explores the increasing removal of ‘the commons’ in contemporary life, from common land and open democracy through to open source creative digital commons, and the tensions which exist between them.

This is a space for my personal ramblings, to begin taking myself out of the anti-netneutrality world. Known lets you publish status updates (etc etc) which are then pushed to Facebook, Twitter, etc. This means you own your content rather than giving rights away to walled gardens that are more interested in your data than providing the service you originally signed up for. Check out more at | @feesable |


day1 #wwoofing at aldinga arts eco village

day1 #wwoofing at aldinga arts eco village

in a beautiful series of connected events, and I now have a new home-base. I get to park on an empty block down here in exchange for some WWOOF (willing workers on organic farms) labour. considering growing my own food is something I've dearly missed since I'm honestly not sure how I get to both and with this one! today was my first working day, mostly spent thinning out new shoots and weeding basil and spring onion rows. tomorrow we start planting. I'm in mud-fuelled heaven! :)


random moments of nerd-confidence

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A few months ago i got these two old 12v computer fans rigged in the rear air vents to increase airflow through the bus. I dont have aircon or back windows that suck air through the bus, so even though it's not a lot of flow they work remarkably well and I tend to leave them running all the time. 

The other night all the 12v lighting went out, but the fans were still spinning. It took a few mins for me to realise that the fans were actually blowing the other way - it was extremely gusty and the wind must have been blowing the fans so hard in the opposite direction that it blew a fuse in my solar rig. Simple fix: replace the fuse! Except I've left a bunch of my tech boxes at cia studios, and was at the beach that night so I didn't have any spares on me, grr.

A couple of years back that probably would have freaked me out, not knowing what to look for/where to start troubleshooting - even though I've been rewiring/replacing fuses on 240v plugs since I was eight. Sometimes the paralytic assumption of not-knowing overrides any attempt to just try thinking it through to see what pops up, something I've been working on trying to rewire in my own brain.

This is really just me giving myself a little pat on the back for using my brain to think it through and fix it without asking someone else for advice (albeit the next day after buying spares). I'm finding that learning is part reading/asking questions and part trusting yourself to have the basic common sense to work it out from existing experience. It's not much, but it's a nice moment of nerd-confidence and bodes well for the inevitable bigger troubleshooting that'll come in due course.

(and, note to self: unplug 12v air vent fans when it's windy and always keep spare fuses IN THE GODDAMN BUS!)


#archivetwitterfaves: this by @billt & @ChrisGribble made me happy+homesick+pastwistful+futureexcited+currentlyOKd. calling a #win x

#archivetwitterfaves: this by @billt & @ChrisGribble made me happy+homesick+pastwistful+futureexcited+currentlyOKd. calling a #win x

i was randomly rummaging through my twitter account's favourite posts earlier tonight and found this.
it's fascinating how you get thrown completely back into another time/place/space from such random social media threads. so many posts and names you've forgotten (probably because, like me, you've changed handles a few times over the years) but it offers such an in/familiar throwback to where your head was at back then. i must admit i prefer the random rummage over those automated 'flashback/timehop' things; it's the fluidity that got us there, it should be the fluidity that gets us back - mebbe?
regardless, i still don't know exactly where all this world of mine is going to end up -it certainly took me further away from geek arts than i'd expected it to- but i do know it's 'serious'... just like ken kesey... :)