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In 2011 Fee gave up her increasingly respectable career as a creative digital consultant in order to take up a new life as a bus-loving nomadic geek artist. In a reaction against the shift in global politics, she set out to discover how someone could disconnect as much as possible from a broken socio political system while maintaining meaningful connection to the people and places which enable her own vision of home and self.

Her work explores the increasing removal of ‘the commons’ in contemporary life, from common land and open democracy through to open source creative digital commons, and the tensions which exist between them.

This is a space for my personal ramblings, to begin taking myself out of the anti-netneutrality world. Known lets you publish status updates (etc etc) which are then pushed to Facebook, Twitter, etc. This means you own your content rather than giving rights away to walled gardens that are more interested in your data than providing the service you originally signed up for. Check out more at | @feesable |


Nomads in Residence wanted for a REALLYbigroadtrip


have you seen @theBoxtrolls? if not: do. like, NOW. #whoa #wordsfail #thankfuckforart #LAIKA #creativeactivism / @saaclub

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Spotted a dear friend's fb recommendation of The Boxtrolls (by LAIKA, based on the book Here Be Monsters! by Alan Snow) last night. He's one of those friends where if they say sommat is good, you go watch it. So I did.

Oh. My. Word.

Such truth and beauty from story and art is so refreshing. Creative activism indeed... 

I want to say so much more about it but - argh! Please watch it so I can talk to someone about it... And make sure you watch the end credits ALL the way to the end.

(and thanks Dave, love ya bones x)